Best Light Photography: Blog en-us (C) Best Light Photography (Best Light Photography) Sun, 21 Jun 2015 04:22:00 GMT Sun, 21 Jun 2015 04:22:00 GMT Best Light Photography: Blog 120 102 Under the train.      Meet Christian.  This is a throwback to her Senior Session a couple of years ago. I ran across this photo and just had to retro-supplement our blog!   Nobody loves out-of-the box photography more than I, but this young lady thought of a location for her shoot that even I couldn't come up with.  I've shot old barns just before collapse, ballerinas at a concrete plant, a family under a bridge, and girls posing in front of rusty warehouse doors, but this takes the cake.  

     Christian wanted to have her photo taken under a train...yes, you read that correctly, UNDER a train.  This particular train is now part of a museum and sits on about 100 feet of track that was left behind when the rest was taken up.  

     I appreciate someone who is willing to go with the flow and make the shot work, but this was something way beyond creative cooperation.  Christian pulled out all the artistic stops and years later, I am grateful and more than just a little tickled.

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The Carpenter Family      We had the privilege of photographing the Carpenter family today.  We battled the heat and the humidity, and most importantly...we beat the rain!  I secretly envied the turtles that slipped off their sunning perches and plunged into the cool lake water.  Fortunately, the breeze was quite strong and made our family session a walk in the park...literally!

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Sometimes the best thing in the world is a camera.      One afternoon, Mama and I were in our backyard.  It was a day like any other: the sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing, and the mood was tranquil.  I had my camera in hand and started to casually take a few shots.  I can't resist, ever, seriously, ever.  I saw some of these blooms on the ground and scooped them up to put in Mama's hands.  Hands are so very personal.  They're with you your entire life, ever changing, telling your life story.  The hands of a surgeon probably look different from the hands of a mechanic, I suppose.  The pricked fingers of a seamstress might differ from the hands of a hot panholding baker, assuming panholding is a word.

     Just think of the journey our hands have traveled.  I am reminded of the multiple times I smashed my fingers in our backdoor as a child.  The pages turned, the splinters received, the  jewelry worn, the polish applied, the porkchops fried, the sweet tea poured, the babies held, the waves goodbye.  

     Mama is no longer here with us, but I am eternally grateful for her and this photo of her hands.  I have many memories of that day in our backyard, but I don't know if I would remember them as completely if I didn't have this photo.  Sometimes the best thing in the world is a camera.

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Remembering Nubbins.      Some relationships are for only a season, such is the case with our cat Nubbins.  She came into our lives at the very tender age of four weeks (which is our best estimation) after she was tossed out during a rain storm.  We heard pitiful meowing sounds during the breaks in rain fall, looked outside to investigate and saw a very broken kitty.  She was injured in the "tossing" and was a sight to see: drenched, injured, hungry, afraid, and certainly confused. Her chin had a gash, her tail had been severed and the nub that was left had two breaks.  What choice did we have but to name her Nubbins?  She took to us right away, after all what other offer was she getting?  She became a member of our family and quickly made herself at home.  She loved to sleep on our front couch or in a sunny window.  She was a sweet cat and we were blessed to have fate place her in our front yard on that rainy evening.  Nubbins went to kitty heaven a few months ago and I am grateful to have this photo of her.  It captures her well.

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Let's begin, shall we?      Maria Von Trapp, played by Julie Andrews, sweetly sang to us, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start."  This sounds like sensible advice, but I find it to be a bit challenging.  Is the beginning the year I formerly began Best Light Photography?  Is the beginning when my first Nikon arrived?  Is the beginning when I was born with a camera in my hand?  Or does the beginning go back to before my birth when my mother loved taking pictures?  It's hard to say when the beginning began.

     I started working under the name Best Light Photography several years ago.  Before that, my daughter Chelsey and I shot under a company name that belonged to her.  Now, both of us shoot separately and together, depending on the project, and we enjoy being a team.  We have now expanded to have other family members join us, something I don't think my husband, Bud, was counting on!  Up until now, our photography business has had to fit around our personal lives.  Our lives have taken many turns and Best Light Photography has always known just where to fit.  While we were moving, Best Light Photography sat patiently while we got things in order and created our new home space.  Once done, Best Light Photography stepped forward, like an old friend, and allowed us to indulge again.  While we took care of my mother in her last years, Best Light Photography respectfully took post on the sidelines and waited for us to once again give a grin and a nod.  When Chelsey had her hands full caring for her toddler, Truitt, (my grandson), Best Light Photography laughed and said, "I know the routine, call me when you need me again." 

     I know it sounds odd to speak of a company like it were a living, breathing person, but the relationship feels just like that.  Best Light Photography is a wonderful creative outlet, one that cannot be duplicated by any other means.  I can think of no better process for making our artistic vision appear than photography.  Best Light Photography brings people into our lives.  What begins as a phone call from a stranger, becomes a family we photograph each and every year.  What begins as a phone call from a panicked groom, becomes a beautiful wedding forever captured in a linen portrait.  What begins as a FaceBook comment, becomes a stack of photos headed for frames to be wrapped and put under a Christmas tree.  Best Light Photography is our way to time travel.  If we've been there or done it, chances are we snapped it, keeping it forever.  It's especially sentimental to look at photos of a graduate's senior session and remember when you did the same for her older sister.  Life truly goes on.

     Though difficult to determine where our beginning began, one thing is certain...our journey continues.  You're invited to join us.


Linda Burnett & Chelsey Long

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